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How 61-year-old guard defiles 2 sisters, gives them N200 each time

The Lagos State Command has commenced a manhunt for a 61-year-old security man, simply identified as John, for purportedly defiling two sisters, aged 11 and 10 severally in the Anthony area of the state. John was alleged to have given the sisters the sum of two hundred naira each time he had his way with them.

Punch reports that the 61-year-old security guard warned the sisters not reveal the evil act to their mother or he would kill them each time he defiles them.

The act was however discovered on August 30, when the sisters complained of back pain and headache and upon interrogation, they revealed what transpired to their mother, who reported the matter at the Anthony Police Division.

It was learnt that since the incident broke out, John has not returned to his to his rented apartment.

Narrating what happened, the mother of the victims, Rosemary Peter, an indigene of Kafanchan, Kaduna State, who works as a food seller, said the 61-year-old always ask the girls to bring food to his workplace in a take-away pack, adding that he uses the opportunity to defile them.

The mother of the girl further noted that she never knew about the incident, until the girls complained of back pain and headache, adding that on a close examination, she observed that their private parts were slacking.

Her words, “I work as a food seller. John was one of my customers. He would say I should send a take-away pack to him at his workplace by afternoon. So, when the girls returned from school, I would send the two of them to take the food to him. I did not suspect that he was raping them.

“When they took the food to him, he would take them to a place and rape both of them. After satisfying himself, he would give them N200, and warn them not to say anything at home. He would threaten that he would harm them if they spoke up.

“Eventually, the two of them started to complain about headache and back pain. I was worried. On one occasion, I happened to be where the 11-year-old was taking her bath, and I observed that her private parts were slack as an adult’s. I was shocked, and I urged her to tell me what went wrong.

“That was when she opened up that it was John who had been sleeping with her and her sister. I rushed to the police station to make a report, but news had got to John that the girls had let out the matter, and he fled the area on the same day.

“But the police have assured us that he would be arrested. They told us to alert them anytime we set our eyes on him.”

Also reacting to the incident, one Fatai Gafar, who resides in the area, urged the police to ensure they apprehend John.

“The whole estate is aware of the incident. It is very unfortunate. The security man does not live here with his family. He was the only person staying in the place he rented, and he has fled,” Gafar said.

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