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SHOCKER !!! Man Impregnates Wife’s Younger SIster.

I will go straight to the point. My wife’s younger sister is blackmailing me. I am paying her almost 50k every month already yet she wants more.

She practically seduced me and i made the mistake of sleeping with her sometime ago. My wife usually takes the kids on school run and then head to her office from there and that morning period is always when she ups her antics. Truth is that She seduced me.. I liked her no doubt but i wouldnt have approached her if she didnt show some willingness. She came to stay with us last year September and everything was ok until March. I am a very playful and free person. i was actually very friendly with her until one morning when around that march. my wife woke me up around 7:30 am to tell me she was off to go for school run. I bade her good bye and she left. As usual,I woke up with an erection that morning and I wanted to go and pee at the bathroom. when i stepped into the corridor that led to the toilet, My sister inlaw came out of the kitchen and screamed. I was like what is wrong and she pointed at my boxers and we laughed it off. Since then, When ever she passes me in the house, she gives me one dangerous look with a wry smile and somehow, we ended up making love and it continued. I actually started giving her the 5k every week until she started telling me that i was stingy and all. I doubled the allowance yet she insisted that i add more. last week Friday, she told me that she may be pregnant cos her period is 2 months late. I asked why she waited that long before telling me and she said that she wanted to be sure cos sometimes her period skips so we decided to get a D and C. I agreed to take her to see a doctor for the procedure but she refused and insisted that i give her 200k that she will take care of herself. I thought she was joking until she started telling me that its either i give her the money or she will keep the baby. My issue is that i am not even sure she is pregnant. She dosnt throw up and she still wants sex from me. I have stopped sleeping with her though but she is threatening me now anytime we are alone. Even when my wife is around, once she makes sure no one is looking, she grabs my dick and does some funny things. I am no longer comfortable with the whole thing. How on earth does D and C cost 200k and why has she refused to follow me to my doctor friend. I am in deep shit. I have thought about confessing to my wife but I know that our marriage may not survive it. It will also tear sisters apart. I dont know how I ended up in this type of mess. Please hide my ID and post this cos I need opinions on which way to go. Thank you and send my regard to your hubby.

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