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My own side of the story on a post made against myopinionmoney.com (my info-product) – Chidi Obinna

My name is Chidi Obinna, I am writing in reply to the false allegation level against my info-product (myopinionmoney.com). The allegation is titled beware-of-my-opinion-money-at-myopinionmoney-com-it-is-a-fraud/ by one anonymous poster whom I have discovered to be Victor Ugwu.

I have sent this to the site where he posted it but untill now, they are yet to post my own side of the story, many of my mentees/followers have also tried to comment on the alleged post but to their surprise, the site owner have decided to delete their comment, one of my students had to call me that he sent a message to the site via their email but he got abusive replys… so it made us to believe that this is just a case of hatred and immaturity and also the comments there are done by one person with different ip, if he had directed the energy he use for this hatred to do what I taught him, he would have been successful than hatred.

I believe in building business with proper information and strategy and will never advice anyone to engage in get rich quick schemes

I am an internet market, forex trader, binary options and crypto trader,etc, a mentor to so many positive thinking people. I am a doer of what i mentor people and try my best to always do research for atleast 6months before teaching people on what i discover to be doing well for me… I have a physical address in lagos which I have operated more than 7years and have been earning online since more than 13years.

I have also failed in so many ventures which i think is normal to anyone thats into business and risk taking.

Victor Ugwu bought my information product on myopinionmoney.com which has over 7 videos and bonuses, I delivered the product to him via email… he confirmed.

I stated all one needs to do for a successful using of the information inside the video course, as i believe that buying an information is not a guaranttee to success but rightful using and following the instructions given inside the information.

Victor Ugwu complained of him not having a good internet because of his location, I told him to resolve that and also resolve every factors that will make him work well with the information, as the effective internet is required in order to use the tools inside the info package.

The duty of a mentor is to guide not to solve your network issues or any factor that will make it hard to use an info. I am not a God or a magician, I buy information products too and i try my best to solve any factor that will make it hard for me to use the info and theres no way I have insulted any info marketer cos i believe that not everything will work well for me and that if an info is not working well for me..it will be working well for some other people… theres always something good in an information.

All the websites i recommended on the info package were tested by me and i am still working with them till now,and i am not the owner of the recommended sites, the ones that requires subscription, I subscribe too.

I manage my paypal account here too, so i am a doer of what i preach… and if he has made a mistake in the process of working, theres no way i can be held repsonsible cos i have delievered all the info to him and inside the info, I stated all the things he needs to do well and if he is not able to solve his own internet or laptop or whatever factor required, I can never be held responsible. I explained all these to him even before and after he bought the info.

Not everyone will do well in a class, those that are doing well must have studied hard and solve their factor making it hard to pass and thats why they are doing well… Victor refused to do this… There was a time when he complained about his laptop and internet connection, i told him to pass the logins to me so as to see if theres a way i can take a time from my busy schedules to help him… when i checked, I discovered that he has done alot of damage to his work.

He said he has been with me for a year, please for godsake, theres no way i can give you an info and buy a laptop and internet for you… I could remember he bought the info and it took him many months to get a laptop, why blaming me on this?

Please let us be truthful here and analyse every accusation before publishing.. hear from the opposite side cos many people will out of hatred and decide to say something negative against someone they hate.. this is internet and many can hide and commit an act of defamation.

He told me to refund him, I agreed, we have terms and conditions on every of my websites and also money back guaranttee which on the myopinionmoney.com it stated that money will be returned after you have worked and see no result within 60days…

I am someone that obeys all my terms and i do my best to refund on the basis stated above, 60days.

Theres no way you can get a product and use it above the stated terms and expect to get a refund when you have eaten your cake and wanting to get it back.. its internationally not accepted… if he had asked for that refund within the stated duration… I wont hesitate to refund him.

As I have said before, if you follow instructions and conquer your factors stopping you from achieving result, you will get result. No business coach is a God or magician, we only write books or guide base on what we know and have done.. Information.

I do all I teach people and I have achieved alot with what I do.

Those that have followed and worked hard, are enjoying my , thats why theres testimonials and if you feel you are not enjoying it.. ask for a refund and if its within the refund duration as stated on my sites, I will refund cos i obey that not coming here to dafame me cos I have the right to legally follow it up in the law court

Thank you Naijazy for giving me this medium to respond and believing in me

His post, phone conversation and threats have been archived, placed on a lawyer’s file. Its a case of defamation and must be followed to a logical conclusion.

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  1. my oga dont mind them, who God has blessed no man can course… ride on, keep empowering us that believe in you

  2. You cant satisfy all, just keep doing your best to those that believe in you.

  3. Pay no attention to this poster, Mr. Chidi is real and does what he preaches… this poster is here to spoil his good name but I know one day.. he wil be dealt with legally. you are not even sure of what u are posting, I can see that this poster is a lazy human and has an evil heart to spoil someones name… You cant hurt him whom God has blessed.. Get a life

  4. When I saw the review by the said Victor ugwu one day while I was lazing around the net googling names, I said aha who is this writing these kind of thing about Mr Chidi Obinna. I have known Mr Chidi for a short while now (November 2017) but I have the most trust in him than any other internet marketer in Nigeria and the world at large. Before i got his two materials I have, I googled him and was lead to several post on nairaland that affirmed to his authenticity. That was when i decided to take the intelligent risk and be his mentee and i am not regretting it because this is one Nigerian who says the truth, compiles products that majority of internet markters people reveal for huge sums and then he collects a stipend as price for this products even subsides the fee when you appeal and he feels your truthfully heart of not being able to afford At the said price. Mr Chidi is a gem and no one should try to spoil his good name. This might look like a paid review bcos of its length but just ask around about this young man and u will see that this is part of the long list of testimonies he has accumulated. Thank you Mr Chidi for making yourself available to us. We treasure and love you. Peace.

  5. The poster is a hater.. stop hating a young man that have helped alot of people with his knowledge. You cant win by washing your dirty pant outside… be mature and look for where you failed so u can get a solution.

    This is the reply I just sent to him/her.. a coward

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